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4lamps Big Pin Inverter for LED TV

  • 4Lamps big pin
4lamps Big Pin Inverter for LED TV
Pin Assignments
Pin Number Symbol Description Parameter
Input connector:
1,2 VCC Supply voltage 10.8V-(12V)-13.2V
3 N/F Standby/operation On=1.5--5.0V Off=0-0.5V
4 ADJ Dimming control 0V=Max Brightness
5V=Min Brightness
5,6 GND Ground 0V
Output connector:
1 H-V High voltage 680Vrms
2 L-V Low voltage 0-18Vrms
Technical Parameters
Item Symbol Test Conditions Min Type Max Unit
Input parameters
Input voltage Vin 10.8 12 13.2 V
Input current Iin 1.5 1.8 2.4 A
Input power Pin -- 23 -- W
Brighter control voltage Vbri 0 -- 5 V
The switching machine control voltage N/F Enable Von=1.5--5.0V Disable Voff=0--0.5V
Output electrical parameters
Output current Lout Vin=12.0V;V0n=5V;Ta=25ºC 2.5 6.5 7.3 mA
Output voltage Vou Vin=12.0V;V0n=5V;Ta=25ºC -- 680 1300 Vrms
Start-up voltage Vigl Vin=12.0V;Von=5V;Ta=25ºC 1300 1720 -- Vrms
Output frequency f Vin=12.0V;Von=5V;load=6mA;Ta=25ºC 40 61.5 70 KHz
Efficiency η Vin=12.0V;Von=5V;Load=80KΩ 87 -- -- %
  1. General Description
This DC-AC Inverter was developed for 4CCFL lamps of LCD back lighting system.
  1. Features
High performance, low consumption.
Open lamp protection
Wide Dimming Range
Lamp Current Balance Control
Input current overload protected ( fuse protect ).
  1. Application
The DC to AC back-light inverter is special designed on any type LCD display in implement (i.e. LCD monitor,LCD TV . notebook,laptop computers etc)
  1. Suitable load
15"-22" 4Lamps TFT LCD Module:/15 inch~22 inch 4 lamp TFT LCD


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    Phone : 86-13912142539
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