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Gu14 Ferrite Core for Transformer

  • GU14-8
  • 85051190

Gu14 Ferrite Core for Transformer
Gu14 Ferrite Core for Transformer
Gu14 Ferrite Core for Transformer

Model: GU14

The tank core is a standard series magnetic core specially designed for low loss (high Q) coils. It is characterized by large combination surface, good shielding of magnetic core, small leakage inductance and small distributed capacitance.

Features: 1., it has excellent magnetic shielding effect.

2. the inductance value of unit space is high, and it is easy to realize miniaturization.

3., adjust the magnetic core and adjust the inductance.

Purpose: adjustable LC filter in communication system, all kinds of transformers and inductors, sensors and so on.

1, The high quality materials be used to make our products more stable.
2, According to customer's request, adjust the product size to make the product more convenient to install, improve the customer's production efficiency.
3, We have a wealth of product models, you can make it easier for you to buy.


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