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Ultraviolet disinfection,UV sterilization,sterilizing lamp

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Ultraviolet disinfection,UV sterilization,sterilizing lamp


Input Voltage:220V/110V






1,Generally, the recommended disinfection time is 30-60 minutes, and the disinfection cycle is 1-2 times a week. Please leave the room within 10 seconds after opening the operation. In the process of using the disinfection lamp, people, animals and plants are not allowed to stay at the scene to avoid skin burns or plant death.

2,If you need to observe the use of disinfection lamp, please wear protective glasses (ordinary glasses can also be used), please do not directly look at the bright tube with naked eyes to avoid eye swelling or burning.

3,After disinfection, please remember to open the door and ventilate for 20-30 minutes before entering the room. If you need to use the disinfection lamp with ozone, please continue to close the door after use, wait for about 30 minutes, then open the door and ventilate for 40 minutes before entering.

4,It is suggested that high-grade silk, leather goods, calligraphy and painting, valuable collectibles and important commemorative items should be shaded and protected; it is not recommended to put them on white sheets or tablecloths for disinfection, so as to avoid fading due to strong ultraviolet rays.

5,After detoxification, it is necessary to unplug the power supply of the disinfection lamp. If it is not in use, it can not be powered on all the time to prevent children or pets from accidentally turning on the touch switch and causing unnecessary injury.



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