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F100*75*25 Y30 Permanent Magnet

  • F100*75*25

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F100*75*25 Y30 Permanent Magnet
Ferrite magnet overview
Ferrite magnets are sintered permanent magnetic materials, composed of barium and strontium ferrite magnets, this in addition to anti demagnetization strong performance, and low cost advantages. Ferrite magnets are hard and brittle and require special machining processes. Because of the anisotropic magnet manufacturing oriented along the direction, along the direction of magnetization shall be taken, and the isotropic magnets because there is no orientation, can be magnetized along any direction, while the compression face is often the smallest side will find stronger magnetic induction. Magnetic energy product range between 1.1MGOe and 4.0MGOe.
Product features
Using the method of powder metallurgy production, low remanence, small magnetic permeability recovery. The coercive force is large, and the magnetic resistance is strong, which is especially suitable for the magnetic circuit structure of the working condition. Hard and brittle material, can be used for cutting emery tools. The main raw material is oxide, it is not easy to corrosion. Working temperature: -40 degrees Celsius to +200.
Ferrite magnets can be divided into the opposite sex (opposite side) and the same sex (isotropic). To the sintered ferrite magnetic properties of weak, but can be magnetized in different direction magnets; anisotropic sintered ferrite permanent magnetic materials with strong magnetic properties, but only along the predetermined magnetizing direction remagnetization.
physical property
In the actual production of ferrite magnets, the chemical composition of the raw materials, sometimes may not be able to obtain good performance and microstructure of ferrite magnets, the reason is the impact of physical properties. The physical properties of the iron oxide included average particle size APS, specific surface area SSA and loose density BD. Because of the iron oxide in the formula of Mn Zn ferrite magnet, the APS value of has a great influence on the APS value of ferrite magnet powder. Generally speaking, the APS value of ferric oxide is small, the APS value of ferrite magnet powder is also small, which is beneficial to accelerate the speed of chemical reaction. However, taking into account the powder particles are too small is not conducive to the road after pressing and sintering and crystallization of the situation, the APS value should not be too small. Obviously, when the iron oxide APS value is too large, in the pre sintering, due to the larger particle size, only reaction diffusion phase to spinel, not further grain growth process. This will inevitably lead to the increase of activation energy, which is not conducive to the solid state reaction.
Ferrite sheet
(Br) (HcB) (HcJ) (BH)max
Grade mT KGauss KA/m KOe KA/m KOe KJ/m3 MGOe
Y10T 200~235 2.0~2.35 125~160 1.57~2.01 210~280 2.64~3.51 6.5~9.5 0.8~1.2
Y20 320~380 3.20~3.80 135~190 1.70~2.38 140~195 1.76~2.45 18.0~22.0 2.3~2.8
Y22H 310~360 3.10~3.60 220~250 2.76~3.14 280~320 3.51~4.02 20.0~24.0 2.5~3.0
Y25 360~400 3.60~4.00 135~170 1.70~2.14 140~200 1.76~2.51 22.5~28.0 2.8~3.5
Y26H 360~390 3.60~3.90 200~250 2.51~3.14 225~255 2.83~3.20 23.0~28.0 2.9~3.5
Y27H 370~400 3.70~4.00 205~250 2.58~3.14 210~255 2.64~3.21 25.0~29.0 3.1~3.7
Y30 370~400 3.70~4.00 175~210 2.20~3.64 180~220 2.26~2.76 26.0~30.0 3.3~3.8
Y30BH 380~390 3.80~3.90 223~235 2.80~2.95 231~245 2.90~3.08 27.0~30.0 3.4~3.7
Y30H~1 380~400 3.80~4.00 230~275 2.89~3.46 235~290 2.95~3.64 27.0~32.5 3.4~4.1
Y30H~2 395~415 3.95~4.15 275~300 3.45~3.77 310~335 3.89~4.20 27.0~32.0 3.4~4.0
Y32 400~420 4.00~4.20 160~190 2.01~2.39 165~195 2.07~2.45 30.0~33.5 3.8~4.2
Y33 410~430 4.10~4.30 220~250 2.76~3.14 225~255 2.83~3.21 31.5~35.0 4.0~4.4
Y35 400~410 4.00~4.10 175~195 2.20~2.45 180~200 2.26~2.51 30.0~32.0 3.8~4.0

How to order magnets
To enable us to work more effectively with you, we need you to confirm the following:
(1). What material, performance?
(2) dimensions and tolerances
(3). Do you want to magnetize? In order to magnetize, what is the way, axial? Radial?
(4) the maximum working temperature of the magnet
(5) order quantity?
(6) surface treatment? Zinc plated, nickel plated?
(7) if necessary, please inform.
Purchase notes

Customers need to know about the purchase of ferrite magnets

Ferrite magnetic material belongs to the ceramic technology. The national standard of product tolerance is 2%.

First, the Yangzhou R&D company sales of such magnets are ferrite permanent magnet, are ordinary magnets, is currently found to be the highest cost of commercialization of magnets. Please rest assured to buy.

Two, our company has a variety of specifications of the round, square, circular, special-shaped, trapezoidal, tile shaped, spherical, irregular graphics, such as ferrite magnets can be customized to sample production. All of our magnet size units are in millimeters.

(1) round size generally with D diameter (because of a special symbol for the convenience of most people to use D instead of phi), such as D10X3MM is the diameter of 10 mm, the thickness of the magnet is 3 mm. X this is the mathematical symbol "sign"

(2) the size of the square is a long X wide X high in general with the F box. For example, F20x10x4MM said, is the square magnet length is 20 mm, width is 10 mm, the thickness is 4 mm, a number of general default at the back of the said magnet magnetization direction, such as the F20x10x4 box, the magnetization direction is 4MM direction, which is the height direction of magnetization. NS in the face of the two largest, that is, 20x10. At present, the box is also divided into straight hole and countersunk head hole, the hole is straight into the vertical hole, and the sink head is divided into large holes and small holes and deep hole depth is known as the screw hole.

(3) the size of the ring is the diameter of the D diameter D height. For example, D32XD18X6 ring magnet, said the outer diameter is 32 mm, the inner diameter is 18 mm, the height is 6 mm. Height thickness. At present, the ring can be divided into straight hole and countersunk head hole, the hole of the straight hole is vertically hit, and the countersunk head hole is divided into a big hole and a small hole and a deep hole depth is commonly known as the screw hole.

(4) spherical magnet, on the simple diameter D representation. For example, D5MM is the diameter of 5 mm magnetic ball.



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